January 21, 2012

Epic Series: Battlestar Galatica

Battlestar Galactica

Today I'm going to start posting a list of series that I've watched and consider epic.
The first one is Battlestar Galactica!

This is a TV Show that started in 2004 and lasted for 4 seasons, ending in 2009. It has a 8.9 rating in imdb.com, which in my opinion is low. But there is life beyond imdb.com.

This show isn't about spaceships fighting over and over. It's about people. It's about society, religion and leadership.

The cast is brilliant and Edward James Olmos show himself as a top-class actor, James Callis (as Dr. Gauis Baltar) puts you in a mind-f*ck state and Tricia Helfer (as nÂș 6) gives a glamour touch that you will not forget.

If you have some spare time and you want an epic serie, this is it.

"So say we all"

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